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About us

Our company

SoArt, Lychriti S. & A. Co. was founded in 1969 by Dimitrios Lychritis. Since then and until today our manufacturing company has shown true interest in the demands and the needs of the modern hair salon. Our designs have always aimed at and still aim at the esthetic satisfaction of the customer, but also the functionality of the working space. The combination of the Greek with the Italian design contribute in the creation of tasteful and qualitatively incomparable furniture. During the last years our company has also spread at manufacturing furniture for spa centres, following the demands of its customers.

Limitless creativity

Modern Design


Our Philosophy

The continuous evolution and renewal of our products, watching closely our sector's demands and our days' needs. Also, the perfect cooperation and solidarity with our customers, in order to achieve the most desirable result.


Our company's aim is to fully put into use our unique specialization, our know-how and our years of experience, in order to cover all the needs of the hair salon world.